Our Waxing enables you to achieve the look you want, from Lips and Cheeks to Intimate Waxing, we will cover whatever you want using both Hot and Warm Wax. Waxing is a popular hair removal method, which offers at least two distinctive advantages over using a razor. With waxing, the desired area remains virtually hairless for at least double the amount of time where as with shaving, you’re back to ‘square one’ after just a few days. We use both Hot & Warm wax in the salon as well as Lycon.

Standard Warm/Hot Wax

Eyebrows £9
Lip £7.50
Eyebrows and Upper Lip £15
Eyebrows, Lip and Chin £22
Eyebrow Tint and Wax £17
Side Burns £9
Full Face Wax £30
Naval £8
Buttocks £14
Bikini £13
High Bikini £16
Brazilian £24.50
Hollywood £29
Half Leg £17
Three Quarter Leg £20
Full Leg £25
Half Arm £15
Ful Arm £20
Full Leg and Bikini £34
Underarm £11

Lycon Wax

Lycon Hot wax is a premium waxing system that is non-sticky as well as being a low temperature wax. It is perfect on areas of the face and body, especially short and stubborn hair. Lycon can reduce in growing hairs and pain by 45% to 55% and can remove hair as short as 1mm.

Bikini Line £17
High Bikini Line £21
Brazilian £35
Hollywood £39
Underarm £14
Upper Lip £8.50
Chin £8.50
Eyebrows £12